Sep 11, 2020
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30 Summer work outfits

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When it comes to fashion, summer is the “less is more” season. You can peel off all the thick coats, sweaters, jeans, and tights that have constrained your body all winter long; your skin can finally breathe. There is a tiny problem, though: For those who toil away at nine-to-five office jobs, the less is more look may not fly with HR. (If you work in an even stricter office environment that doesn’t allow jeans and requires suits, getting dressed gets ever tricker.) To help you toe the line between work-and weather-appropriate and NSFW, I rounded up some conservative-enough outfit ideas, ahead. Plus, I tossed in a few styling tricks free of charge. Still not satisfied? Check out these affordable workpieces and trouser options that will earn you best-dressed marks at the office.

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